2 Check MK servers accessing the same agents

Check MK 1.6.0p9 (Server 1)
Check MK 2.1.0p3 (Server 2)

*NOTE - both Check MK servers are on the same network

OS Build:
Ubuntu 18.04

Hello Check MK Community,

I wanted to see if anyone knew if you have 2 servers spun up with different versions of Check MK (listed above) that this would cause any issues accessing the same host agents/SNMP checks in the environment.

As a safe measure I’ve isolated the new Check MK 2.1.0p3 build in my lab environment for now, but would like to spin up a VM host to migrate this over to as an effort to phase out our current 1.6.0p9 monitoring solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


As long as the requests come from different IP addresses there is no issue accessing the checkmk agent multiple times.
Just remember that the agent version must not be newer than checkmk on the monitoring server.

SNMP agents may tend to generate more CPU load on their devices.

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Perfect, thanks @rsander as always appreciate the very helpful insights.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

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