A way to have checkmk ignore Log errors during maintenance hours?


we recently set up checkmk to monitor our network. I am a bit puzzled about how to configure some ignore time for Warnings in our eventlogs (windows). Like every day we have a little downtime of our DFS, because of backups running. I set up a time period, excluding the maintenance window (for backup, etc. that will cause eventlog entries). I also put that in a rule for “Service period for services” for those server and that service.
Every morning, however, I find the warnings in checkmk… I have to go to logs and clear them in order to be “green” again - I would like checkmk to ignore warnings on those servers and that service during hours x to y.

Any pointers?

The best way ist to handle Event Log messages from windows in Event Console. You can forward them to EC and you will be able to handle the events via rules. The rules are able to handle incomming events during a timeperiod or not.

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