Active Directory users & computers


Anybody know any plugin or service to extract the total users & computers from a Active Directory?


Not a solution post, but, you could solve this in at least two ways. A local check that would use a credential and a couple of simple calls (no formatting presented here):

(get-aduser -filter *).count
(get-adcomputer -filter *).count

Alternatively, using LDAPS, any host with a successful bind and auth, including a manual check from the monitor server itself, could make an LDAP query and retrieve the counts.

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First option is good solution Assuming I create a script on remote server (Active Directory) with which rule need to use with checkmk to call this script?

Easiest thing to do is make this a local check. Goes into the local folder ProgramData/checkmk/agent/local folder of the Windows host. You can read the documentation about writing local check here: But, if you get stuck, just let me know and I’ll try to code up an example that does what you’re asking about.