Add already existing hosts to a group in check_mk1.7

i got a stupid question more or less. I have defined a group. Now i want to add hosts to that group. I dont find any buttons where i can do it


You mean a hostgroup? The easiest way to do this is to create a hostgroup, then at the top of the page go to rules and create a rule that assigns hosts to this group by certain criteria.

The easiest scenario is to assign all hosts inside a certain wato folder to a hostgrup. But ofc you can define more complex assigning conditions like regexes or hosttags or host labels.

Hi, thank your for your answer.
maybe i should explain what i want to achieve. On my main overview i want a directory. when i click on it, it should show me all the host inside this directory.

I saw it once in checkmk1.6 but i dont know how to get this in 1.7

That’s exactly what a hostgroup does/is.

yes it is, thanks a lot