Add local check does not work

i want to add a local check to my monitoring for one host precisely.
I followed this tutorial which is very well explained ( [ check_mk 5 ] How to add a custom local service check in check_mk monitoring - YouTube ) about how to add local checks.
So on my host in /urs/lib/check_mk_agent/local theres a little simple script for testing with this content:


if [[ -f /tmp/hello ]]; then
  statustxt="hello file exists"
  statustxt="hello file missing"

echo "$status FileCheck_hello - $statustxt"

unfortunately it does not even show up in check _mk after a full scan.
Did i miss something?

best regards

Ah i forgot mention, we use check_mk1.6

best regards

Is it executable ?
chmod 755


Hi Peter,
yes its set to 755

I tried it on my site ( 1.6 ). There is a new local check FileCheck_hello

On the host, /usr/bin/check_mk_agent >/tmp/log. Search in the log for <<<local

This is in my logfile
2 FileCheck_hello - hello file missing

Hey Alessio,
I think that your problem ist very simple, because you use the wrong directory. If you want to install own PlugIns, so it is better to use: /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins

Best regards


hm its not a plugin its a local check for a single host. Anyway i tried the other directory, it does not work either :confused:
Permisson are 755, the owner is root, script works fine if i execute it

Just to be sure, it is in the right directory
grep MK_LIBDIR /usr/bin/check_mk_agent
export MK_LIBDIR=’/usr/lib/check_mk_agent’

What is your output from the grep ?