Add option "compressed" to HTTP service


I have an error with certain service “Check HTTP service”

HTTP WARNING: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request - 208 bytes in 0.011 second response time

If I do a test with curl the solution is to add an option called “–compressed”.
That’s possible to add this on my actualservice “Check HTTP service”?
I didn’t found any option to enable this feature.


I would say your server has a configuration problem as it should answer without compression if it is not allowed inside the header.
What i would test is a manual call of the “check_http” to see if it is really a problem with this option.

How can I do this test?
I use de Developer tools (chrome) and when copy a certain request to “curl (bash)” see the exactly parameter “–compress”

check_http can’t deal with compressed data by gzip or deflate and also can’t surpport chunked data.
See this:

In order to get around your problem, you can either create your own check and configure it using Classical active and passive monitoring check ruleset or as mentioned in the link use check_curl . I have not tried the check_curl yet as most of my requirements were fulfilled by check_http.

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