Add specific snmp checks to already discovered host


I want to monitor a old Watchguard Firebox appliance and currently I get the default view with nice to have info, but the MIB holds much more data that is much more interesting to us(VPN connections and their status).

I have the OID definitions listed here: Enterprise MIB File Details

(version: 2.0.0p1 (CRE))

Question: How do I tell CheckMK to check those specific OID’s?

You need to write a check plugin that uses the OIDs defined in the MIB.

I tried that, but the result was that the whole CheckMK server stopped working.
I don’t have experience in writing code and this is overwhelming for me.

Is there any other way?

You could ask somebody else to do that for you resp. your company.

Yes, Check MK ships with the check_snmp Nagios plugin so you can create “Classical active and passive Monitoring checks” rules which runs the plugin against the OIDs you need.

For example, this is something I did for our Bluecoat devices:

That is exactly the kind of easy solution I was looking for.

You made my day!

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