Adtran 908e Monitoring


I am looking to see if anyone has used or configured their own plugin for an Adtran 908e. The vendor provides MIBs for their devices and I have successfully configured the monitoring on a Nagios server. However it doesn’t appear to be quite as simple in regards to doing a custom check on CheckMK. I checked the Exchange and did not see a developed plug in. Any advise for creating your own and/or importing from Nagios? Because the checkmk raw uses the nagios backend is there any way to easily access? I have reviewed the link here:

Adtran Total Access 908e MIBs

Hi @jalf2

Well you could either use “check_snmp” with specific OIDs and run this as “classic” check
via a rule, or - if you already have some Nagios plugins and want to get up and running quickly - try
to use existing plugins via MRPE. The latter works quite well, until one has the time to write a “real” plugin (or decides that he/she can live with the existing check and MRPE… :slight_smile: ).


Hi @openmindz,

Thank you for the reply! After looking into your first idea of using the check_snmp I think that will accomplish what I need. I think I can add in the Nagios check_snmp command under Setup>services>other services > intergrate Nagios plugins > new rule and place the command there. Then upload the MIB into local/share/check_mk/mibs

Then I should be able to write a command similar to this?

Hi @jalf2

Yes, that looks good. Personally, I do use performance data if I have to use check_snmp, and I also
label it somehow with “-l”, just to make it a little clearer what I’m actually looking at, and: to have a graph…:slight_smile:


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Hey @openmindz I finally got this working. I had to change/edit the command a bit more and really dig deep into the MIB to figure it out. I finally got it working though! I appreciate your assistance in pointing me in the write direction to writing my first custom check!