Agent Bakery - Default Settings and automatic register Agent

Hi there,
is there a way to generate a msi file which automatically has several configurations set after install, like winperf

  • Terminal Services: ts_sessions

I do not realy want to handle with copying configuration files…

Other question is about the register agent, is there a way to avoid to run the register command with given username and password (baked in certificate or something else)
Currently we use:
C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\plugins\cmk-update-agent.exe register -H %computername%.tld -u cmkadmin -p

But i am not rly happy to put cmkadmin (or another administrative account creds) in our software distribution. Is there a way to avoid this?

Kind regards

You can build an “default windows” agent via bakery and you can then use this msi for your installation.
To register an agent you can create an automation account with a secret, not a password (other flag on command line) to do the job. This is the intended use for automation accounts as far as I understand the concept.

The bakery doesnt give me any options which options are enabled or not…only auto update mechanism and such stuff.

Thanks for the hint with the secret, this works for me so far
C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\plugins\cmk-update-agent.exe register -H %computername%.tld -u cmkregister -S secret -v
Not sure if this is more safe than “default” login but…yea for the moment ok.

Create a dummy host in cmk with the option “do not monitor this host”. Then create rules in Agent Bakery to configure agent on this host. Then you have a pre configured msi for deployment with all plugins and configurations you want.

We had a Tag defined “OS” and created all basic stuff for this tag for Windows and Linux.

Ok this is totally new to me.

When i do the rules and bake the agents, do already installed hosts receive an update with those rules? If so, my problem is already solved an i work with the rules (automatic update ist configured)

Only question, which syntax is used for performance counters
is it like in the config file?

Shown as above in the picture, it doesnt work for me…

There is a view where you can see which Host gets which agent package. So if your rule matches your hosts, they will get the new agent.

About your Performance Counter I would check a working config and the config from your Bakery MSI and try to adapt the right settings for wato.

hm manual update (just started the updater) didnt change anything, how can i force the update? The agent bakery tells me the host should get the new agent but it doesnt work

This is a working config file

Still missing what i have to put in in the ruleset, there seems to be a lack of documentation? Yea i found i can set it through agent bakery, but in what format…nothing.

I think -f is for force but have you checked that your new agent is dedicated to your host?
For your counters I would put ts_sessions to the field “section name” and only “Terminal Services” in the field “Counter-object name or number”. This should work for you.
If your agent updater did not work you could also download the newly backed agent from WATO und try to install it manually to check if the configuration is correct.

Yep this way it works