[agent] Success but host still shows down

Version 2.1.0p16.cee
RHEL 8.7

The dashboard shows the host as down but if entering service details on the host, the agent shows [agent] Success. This is on all of my hosts. Including the piggyback and SNMP hosts. All dynamic data (service problems and status) are empty.

Any idea how I can solve this?

The issue came after moving /opt/omd from /root to another partition.

thanks for the help


The host status is usually checked with ICMP. It looks like this is blocked between your monitoring servers and the hosts.

Thanks for that hint.
The checkMK standard is the smartPing which can be changed within the Host Check Command Rule. I changed that to PING (ICMP) and it worked. Changing it back and it still works.
Now I need to check with our Network guy about what’s happening in our network.

Thanks for that hint and the help