AIX DB2 plugin does not return data

I am trying to use the checkmk DB2 plugin but it only returns the following results. has anyone else had issues with this?

/usr/check_mk/lib/plugins# ./mk_db2.aix
galinst DB2v9.7.0.7,s121002(IP23367)

Hi - I am not a DB2 expert at all; but we are successfully running the DB2 plugin (delivered by checkmk resp. in a newer release at their exchange including a bug fix for DB2 vesion >= 10.5); the plugin is split into two parts called mk_db.linux and db2_mem.

Where did you get the .aix version? Can’t see any .aix version for DB2 in our installation so far. Moreover, is there also a second add-on for the mem-part as well?

The AIX version should be there as “mk_db2.aix” it is the older one i think :slight_smile:
One of my customers is using the DB2 plugin on AIX but i cannot say anything about the setup and versions as I’m not know anything about the AIX systems.

@jstallsmith in your case it looks like it find only the instance and version. I would do a test with the next steps the script is doing in a manual way. Like

db2 list database directory on $HOMEDIR

The homedir can be used explicitly or you try the mechanic from the script.

I get the following error.

# db2 list database directory on $HOMEDIR
SQL0104N  An unexpected token "END-OF-STATEMENT" was found following "ON".
Expected tokens may include:  "<identifier>".  SQLSTATE=42601

The $HOMEDIR is populated prior in the script. I think you can use there the real path of your database home dir.

I am experiencing the same issue with this plugin. I tried to troubleshoot the commands one by one and I did not get very far.
The db2_mem works fine, it’s a very simple and quick script. But the mk_db2.aix does not produce output… beyond what jstallsmith indicated in the original post.

Anyone has had any luck fixing his issue?