Alert Handlers Not Migrating With Version Upgrade

When upgrading versions, script files are not transferred from the old directory to the new directory:


Is this a bug or are we doing something incorrectly? We lost all our alert handler shell and python scripts and started getting errors from the configured alerthandlers.

Hi @Quazmoz,

tldr :

you have to put your own files in to the sites ~/local/ structure to preserve them during updates.
When you install a new checkmk version and upgrade a site, the site is referencing to the newly installed version folder.
So all scripts and changes you did in the old version folder are still there, but not used by your site any more.

The full story :


The basic rule is: Never change anything below /omd/versions manually.


or in anther way: except for installation and site management, you should never work as root. If you need to be root to change files, you’re doing something wrong :).