Alert threshold change for vmfs filesystem

I have created a rule in the main directory for the filesystem in Filesystems (used space and growth)

Mount point begins with Filesystem /vmfs/volumes/.* warning is 90% and CRIT is 95%

but this rule is not getting Applied it still the filesystems is pointing to the default values of 80% for WARN & 90 % for critical attaching the screenshot how to change it to apply to the new rule I have created.

I tried creating at the slave level as well but it is not working.

Press the "Filesystems (used space…) to go to the next page here you see all rules that are possible visible for this host.
Now you can compare the syntax if gives you for your filesystem to create a explizit rule with your rule that should be visible.
If you hover with your mouse pointer over the round bubble you should see why it is not applied.

Unfortuantely even when I am seeing it I am not finding any rule getting highlighted which is being applied.
Everything is showing as grayed out that where I am confused

As Andreas said: if you hover the mouse over the gray bullet on the left, a tool tip should appear that tells you why that rule does not apply (e.g. “This rule does not match: The host name does not match.”)

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Thanks I did that and found the reason fixed the issue.

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