Allow rule based on check_command

We want to create a rule for all locally defined checks. Unfortunately it seems that there is no rule for grouping/labeling/whatever bases on the check_command (only the service-names).

So I would suggest to create a rule to assing a label to all services based on the check command (e.g.
(see also Assign Servicegroup based on check_command)

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Are those checks that you want to group somehow written by yourself or are standard checks among them? For self-written checks a solution might be to automatically decorate them with labels (from within the check plugin), like author:micha and then apply a rule for all services with that label.

This only works for self-written checks, though. For other checks you must – unfortunately – resort to the services’ descriptions.

Btw, it’s refreshing to see that this is the second time you have the exact same problem as I do. :smiley: