Apache_status plugin not showing crit when stopped apache

Please refer this image , i have implemented apache_status plugin .
everything looks fine , but when i stop httpd , its shows WARN , and not CRIT .
also the Apache service tabe become littile fade in color .

can somebidy suggest for this ?
actully i m expecting CRIT as a state

The behaviour is correct as the plugin cannot send any data. This makes the service check Apache Status stale and generates the WARNING in the agent query check Check_MK.

If you need to know if Apache is still running use a process check, configured with the ruleset “Process discovery” or use the ruleset “Check HTTP service” to query the open port.

The apache_status plugin will not send any error message if it cannot find a running Apache instance. This would generate false positives on hosts where the plugin is installed but no Apache.

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