Automatic assignment of host tags using API?

Hi community,

I haven’t worked with the HTTP-API yet and I’m not sure if I misunderstand the documentation here

So, in a first step, I want to define (introduce) a new host tag “location” in WATO with its selection options ‘munich’, ‘essen’ and ‘berlin’.

In a second step, I have a list of (monitored) hosts (e.g. in csv) with a second column including the relevant selection option for “location”, for example


I wonder how to assign / append this information automatically to the relevant hosts in checkmk by using the API (HTTP-API in this case as we are not using 2.0.0 yet).

  • Is this done by using the option “set_hosttag”? In the docu example it seems “set” is used for “define / introduce” a new host tag in general, but not “assign a given selection option to a specific host”?
  • Is there a possibility to combine this procedure with my input csv containing the data?

THX for helping answers!