Automatically assign Contact Group


is it possible to automatically assign Contact Group for users which are created from LDAP?

By default, nothing is assigned, and I would like to avoid manually editing each user and checking checkbox that they can see all hosts in monitoring.

I think you fill find answer here

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Thanks Jan. Trying to understand that topic, but it doesn’t help me too much.
I’ve created Contact Group with same name as our LDAP group is called.
But what to configure next, from that old thread, its not clear for me.

This is my WATO configuration:


You filter by group id which doenst look right to me. You may try with default settings or use (objectclass=group)

I tried without specifying any group section.

This way it worked, and all my LDAP users got assigned Contact Group. Very good.
I don’t know if our LDAP is weirdly created or what, because if I do ldapsearch to my user from server, I don’t get any group information of my user.

Anyway, I got now what I wanted, maybe I will try to work with specifying the group.

Thanks for suggestions.