Automatically detect services with Same custom name

Hi all,
we have a server with a set of services whose name start with “AAA”
We would like to know is there is a way to setup a rule which automatically detects these services and in case we add a new service named AAA_test1 the system detects the service and automatically add it to the monitoring system.
Viceversa if we uninstall one on those services the system should see the service is not there anymore and automatically removes it from the monitoring system.
Do you know if this is possible ?
Thank you


maybe the periodic service discovery would be useful for you. Please take a look at the manual:

With this service you can add or remove automatically services. You can configure this service and let this for example every two hours running.

I hope it helps



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You need the option: Automatically update service configuration Mode

And for a specific service you need: Activate only services matching

You can work with regex as well


As addition to @athomaidis you also need to make a rule for your “Windows Service Discovery” if you mean Windows services with your question

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