Automating CheckMK identification of BGP peer services and more descriptive names for Juniper services

Hi folks,

I’ve configured several Juniper routers in CheckMK and BGP peer services are discovered nicely. Unfortunately though, the descriptions are not available since this information isn’t available through SNMP. I’ve decided a simple service label like peer-description:SomeDescription would be enough so that the peer would be correctly identified in a notification using $SERVICELABEL_peer-description.

I’m trying to think of a way to automate the population of this label using the checkmk API and (probably) Ansible. I imagine the process running periodically (say once a day) and working as follows:

  • Get a list of hosts (generate an Ansible inventory)
  • For each host get a list of services
  • For each service that is a BGP peering, get the neighbor IP address from the service name
  • Lookup the description for the IP address on the host with the following command

show configuration | display set | grep neighbor | grep description | grep

  • Parse the Description from the result

set protocols bgp group Customers neighbor description “Customer X primary internet transit peering”

  • Apply service label to the service:

peer-description:Customer X primary internet transit peering


I suspect this would be valuable to most checkmk users that have Juniper equipment.



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Have the same problem in my playground.
Do you have any solution for that?


Hi Jay,

I haven’t had a chance to tackle this yet, but if/when I find a solution I’ll post it here


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