Availability Tables in PDF-Reports are not created since update to 2.1.0p16

Hi all,

we have some problems in creating PDF-Reports since the last update. The report contains- instead of the availability table- the following error: (I checked additional the combined graph, and it fails, too.)

CMK version: 2.1.0p16
OS version: Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS

**Error message:

Error while rendering element type 'Availability table'
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/omd/sites/abc/lib/python3/cmk/gui/cee/reporting.py", line 3606, in render_report_element
element_type.render(element, instance)
File "/omd/sites/abc/lib/python3/cmk/gui/cee/plugins/reporting/availability.py", line 395, in render
render_av_table(av_table, element, instance, table_layout)
File "/omd/sites/abc/lib/python3/cmk/gui/cee/plugins/reporting/availability.py", line 256, in render_av_table
pdf_document.add_table(headers, rows, **table_layout)
File "/omd/sites/abc/lib/python3/cmk/gui/pdf.py", line 604, in add_table
File "/omd/sites/abc/lib/python3/cmk/gui/pdf.py", line 934, in add_table
css_list: list[str] = [] if css is None else css.split()
AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'split

Does anyone have the same problem?
Thanks in advance.


We did a downgrade to 2.1.0p15 to get the reports working again and wait for a fix in a further version.



Hello Marcus_A,

we’ve got the same problem yesterday. :unamused:

An update to p17 helped us.

It has recently been fixed in 2.1.0p17.