AWS check support for Hong Kong region ap-east-1?

Hi everyone, new to the forum, but we’ve been using CheckMK internally for a few years now.

Anyway, we want to monitor our AWS infrastructure, but some of our AWS infrastructure is hosted in the ap-east-1 (Hong Kong) region.

The existing built-in check doesn’t have that available that as a region, but it’s been an AWS region since 2019. Does anyone know if there’s plans to add support for AWS HK region in the AWS check plugin?

We are running the latest CheckMK Raw v2.0.0p4.

Hi just add the region to the check

Line 76+

first copy from
then edit


Your solution works on 1.6.0, but they changed the code quite significantly in 2.0, so that’s no longer valid.

However your reply gave me an idea, so I went and searched for the same region lines in my 2.0 installation…

So, for anyone else that may run into this:

You can edit the file below and add an extra line for the extra region (replace ‘sitename’ with your own checkmk site name)

save changes to the file, then restart checkmk (‘omd stop’ then ‘omd start’).

After checkmk comes back up, do a full inventory scan on your AWS host object. It may take some time for CheckMK pull in the new zones from AWS. Mine took about 5 mins before new services started showing up for the new region, but it does work.

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You are right

from cmk.utils.aws_constants import (

but this

is the only part I can ident in the Code so it should work

perhaps has an other Idea

Sorry, that’s not really my area of expertise – I’m currently not even using AWS myself.
(perhaps you mixed me up with someone else?)

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