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I try monitoring my office 365 mailboxes and the office365-synchronization between my on-premise-ad and the azure-ad. I thought that Azure-Plugin should solve my problem and followed the following instructions (

Unfortunally this is not working. There is no error message so the login should seems to work but there seems to be no data provided. The only service I see is the following:
CRIT Azure Agent Info af76e3e5-5f98-4bd1-8428-7aa39f3ac347)(!!), Monitored groups: , 0 warnings, 0 exceptions

What can I do to get the desired data?

First it would be good to inspect the real agent output you get.
Go to the command line and as the site user do a “cmk -D hostname” where “hostname” is the name of your Azure pseudo host. Execute the special agent command shown and inspect the output.
You can also execute the special agent with debug option to get a little bit more output.

What CMK version do you use - there where some changes to the Azure agent over the past months.

Please see my attached Screenshots regarding your questions.

Current Version is 1.6.0p7.cre

Should I try an upgrade?

Yes it would be good to be at the latest stable.

You should try to run the command you find at your “Azure” host under “Type of agent:” after the upgrade.
The output from this command is relevant.

I tried with the latest stable. Please see my output belohnt

What can I see from this output. What am I Ding wrong?

The billing error is correct MS changed something in the billing API. I made a new version for the current billing API but need to submit this fix :slight_smile:
If i see it correct the AD section is not included in the current 1.6 version only in the next (1.7 dev).

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