Background Jobs for Reports with Large amount of entries (LIMIT PROCESSED DATA)

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we’ve built our it-services within the BI Aggregates and I want a report which shows the availability for my BI Configuration Pack for a larger timeperiod like a quarter or year.
The Problem is that we are not able to get a report over all aggregations with a timeframe longer than 30 days because the the report generation runs in an timeout.

If there would be an possibility to run those jobs in the background to avoid those timeouts and access the “cached” result that would be nice.

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Hi Constantin,

Do you use the Raw or enterprise edition?

If you use the enterprise you should run the availability report as a scheduled report?
The scheduled reports are started as a cron job and will run in the background.
You can select if the report should generate a “cached” PDF or if it should sent the PDF.

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@andreas-doehler I don’t think the CMK Reporting System was meant here by Report.

But still, a good question if it is the RAW or Enterprise because the CMC also has an included history cache. Also which version you use? Seen some BI Performace tweaks in the werks recently.

Sorry for the inaccuracy. Meant was the Enterprise Version - and going for example over: BI - > All Aggregations -> Availability , and selecting here a larger time frame it runs into an timeout.

I’ve configured the same kind of report in “Global Reporting” (not sheduled) but it runs in the same timeout.

From your comments I guess the behaviour is different to sheduled reports - there is no timeout? I will give them a try, but it would be nice to get some larger reports over the usual way :slight_smile:

I tried a bit with the scheduled reports. When checked as background job they seem to run better with more processed events.

But the background jobs are crashing a lot of times with no information why. It just hangs/ stopps at “Generating report”

OMD[site]:~$ cat ~/var/check_mk/background_jobs/reporting-1584186805.82/
# Written by Check_MK store (2020-03-14 12:53:25)

{'duration': 0.0,
 'logfile_path': '~/var/log/web.log',
 'pid': 207512,
 'ppid': 207511,
 'started': 1584186805.823682,
 'state': 'running',
 'statusfile': 'reporting-1584186805.82/',
 'stoppable': True,
 'title': u'Report generation of availabilityQuartal / IT-Services - Verf\xfcgbarkeit (90d)',
 'user': u'myuser'}
OMD[site]:~$ cat ~/var/check_mk/background_jobs/reporting-1584186805.82/     progress_update
OMD[site]:~$ cat ~/var/check_mk/background_jobs/reporting-1584186805.82/progress_update
Generating report...

Any ideas where to look in more detail for the cause ?

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