Backup in distributed monitoring case


I have a question related to backup. I have one master node and three slaves, which are configured for not allowing standalone configuration. You can configure them just from the master node (WATO disabled in each one of them).

If I do a backup from the master node (unique possibility), Am I doing backup for all devices in the cluster? For instance, if I have 20 hosts in master node and 10 in each of slave nodes (3 slave nodes), Will I have backup of the info about 50 hosts (20+10+10+10)??

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Jose Manuel

Hello jmpostigo,

this should be half-half the case. All hosts including rulesets are in the backup itself, because they are set on the master and replicated to all slaves (everything below <site_user>/etc/).

The performance values, service information/auto-checks, etc (everything below <site_user>/tmp/) are saved on each slave and only for the one, the slave is monitoring. So if your questions was, if ALL data from all hosts are saved with the backup, then it’s a no as far as i know.

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Thank you so much @Kruzgoth for you help!!