BI Aggregations don't auto-refresh

CheckMK version: 2.0.0p24
OS: Windows 10 enterprise 1803

Hi all!

Since upgrading from our old CheckMK (1.6.0) to 2.x we’ve been experiencing issues with our BI aggregations.

To monitor our environments we have configured a few BI aggregations of essential services. If one of these services does down, the entire aggregation should go to the CRIT state. We display these aggregations on a dashboard.

On the same dashboard (in a different view) we display all the warn/crit services (essential or not).

The aggregations don’t seem to auto-refresh, while the view with crit/warn services does. Once a essential service changes state it’s displayed in the services view. The aggegation only changes state when you refresh the page.

So when a essential service goes down the aggregation remains ‘OK’ until you refresh the page. I haven’t found any options in the dashboard or aggregation to configure a refresh-interval (like older versions of CheckMK use to have).

Is there anyone who knows what the problem might be?