BUG? 2536162% used (7.74 PB of 320.00 GB)

Hi all.

We have recently added a new printer to Check_MK. We mainly use this to track the toner levels and e.g. notifications for this host are disabled. The ist a large enterprise-scale device so it has an internal hard drive. And the values for the hard drive, which we get through SNMP are … let’s call it misleading…

As far as I know the actual memory usage is around 7 MB. So I guess this is just a conversion error.

I hope this information may help:

We are using 2.0.0b1.


Same here with a Toshiba e-studio257:

From the SNMP walk I cannot determine which line gives this data…

Are the device configured with SNMP v1 or v2/v3?

In my case, SNMPv1. The printer’s software is too dumb to accept SNMPv3 configuration.

It can be that the counter returned from the device is wrong.
You can have a look at the output of an manual SNMPwalk for the OID .
This is the hrStorage Table and you should see there all your “storage” devices an this host.

So the SNMP walk file tells me the following for the lines starting with that OID:

. 1
. 2
. 3
. .
. .
. .
. Random Access Memory
. Hard Disk Drive
. Swap Memory
. 1
. 1073741824
. 1
. 1035152
. 320
. 2094800
. 1015392
. 6792736
. 94096
. 0
. 0
. 0

I’m at a loss at where is that 6PB value coming from.

These are the number of allocation units in your device.

This is the size per allocation unit.

Result 1073741824 * 320 = 320 GByte size of storage device

This is the number of allocation units used by your device :slight_smile:

Result 6792736 * 1073741824 = 6,48 PByte

Software bug inside the printer firmware.

Bugger, reporting that to the firmware maker, thank you for translating this foreign language!

On printers i would not monitor the HDD space as it is normally irrelevant.
The HDD is so big that you cannot store so many jobs that if fills up.

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong

Taking no chances, worse things have happened with these printers. :slight_smile: