[BUG] cmk agent not installing properly with SELinux


When SELinux is activated the rpm package doesn’t install properly.
It will not create the cmk-agent user and the derived settings implied

cmk-agent-ctl will also segfault if you try to run it with no SELinux rules applied to handle it.


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+1, had same issue on AlmaLinux 9. When installing the RPM encountered a lot of crashes/coredumps and the service did not install correctly. Had to disable selinux and install the RPM again.

Would recommend to check for selinux status when running the cmk binaries on the agent and provide the user with some guidance, instead of crashing.

It fail install because the new agent controller crash dump due to SELinux.
Disabling SELinux just for install will make it fail at next agent update.
Disabling completely SELinux isn’t an option on some machine in today’s world (and should not in general)

I have a ticket opened with support for this, i hope it will be fixed

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Hi! I’m having the exact same issue, have you made any progress or heard back from CheckMK? I’m running RHEL 9 and it plus an abundance of my other agents fail to install with the same error message.

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@bunreluctant @Cubea

if you still looking for a solution, you may want to look into my answer on another thread.


Hi @topfi ,
Thanks !
Providing this to support :slight_smile:


This issue will be fixed with Werk #14962: Running cmk-agent-ctl leads to segfault on SELinux systems

For more background information, see the thread mentioned by @topfi