[BUG] Create host using REST API with custom tags

You didn’t missunderstand, I did :smiley:

I thought I was facing an issue with custom tags (prefix tag_) but I just wrote my request wrong and thought it was an issue related to custom tags AND attributes not just attributes.

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Any update on this? We are in the process of syncronising a CMDB with CheckMK and are running into this issue with custom attributes.

The workarounds mentioned above doesn’t seem to work for us.

We’re running 2.0.0p21

We are still working on this, pinkie promise. :wink:

This issue is fixed with Werk 13655 the upcoming Checkmk release.


Ok tested with p22 and the setting of the custom attributes is working. BUT if you retrieve the host config with “/objects/host_config/{host_name}” you get no information about custom attributes. Why?
Only if you use the “effective_attributes” switch you get what you want. Here comes now a big problem. It is not possible to differentiate between attributes set on the object and attributes inherited from folders.

I retested custom host tags with the REST API using version 2.0.0p23 and it looks much better BUT it seems you need restart Checkmk before the REST module will recognise the tags! It would be nice if this issue was fixed… @robin.gierse ?

Anyway, I suggest this post is closed and any other related issues raised in a separate ticket as this one has got to the point where even I as OP don’t know what’s going on.


  1. This is not a ticket system, but a forum.
  2. What you describe makes little sense I think, but if you can reproduce the behavior, it is worth a new post.
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Version 2.0.0p25
By GET Requnest: invalid response status code 500 so I get no etag in the header response and so I can’t use the POST Request