BUG: HW/SW Inventory - Chrome/Firefox only show Inventory after refresh browser

CMK-v2p09 CRE
os: ubuntu 20.04


is this this the normal behavior? Inventory tree showing data only after browser refresh…


It’s not normal and i also saw this the last days in some installed/updated systems.

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Noticed the same thing. We tried with multiple browsers (Firefox, Vivaldi, Chrome) and on Windows as well as Linux.

no, will be fixed in 2.0.0p10

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Thanks for the info.
Any ETA on 2.0.0p10? There is another issue we’re facing that’s scheduled to be fixed in p10.

Can confirm, this is fixed after the update to 2.0.0p11 (was p10 skipped? didn’t see it in the downloads section)

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Hey Niklas, p10 had to be rolled back due to some problems. Everything’s fixed now in p11.