Bug in service period and the availability

Hello everyone,

In the calculation of availability, I want to see the service and non-service time using “Base report only on service times”.

However, it does not work.

Is this an option available for the CRE version?

Thank you.

Your screenshots don’t show any service times definition rules.
One of the following rules you must use.
Service period for hosts or Service period for services
Important point you need to remember if you now define service periods. Only time periods already existing can be used to make such an calculation as the core remembers when a period starts and ends.
If you now define a new time period then it is only possible to use this period from now on for calculations.

It has been configured in this way for several days

Service period for services

Time period (with exclude)

Time period (exclude)

The service out of service icon appears, but availability is not considered. So I think if it is an option only for CMC or also for CRE.

This should also work in CRE. I will have a look at one of my systems.

thanks i will try to test in an older version

At the moment i can only say with a 1.6.0p11 CRE it is not working. As you shown already the GUI gives the right state but the availability don’t honor the service period.

ps: change the title of the post that every one knows, the problem are service period dependent.
You can also write that it is a bug :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your help, once again.

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