BUG: MSE 1.6 & 2.0 - LDAP Sync on Slave

Strange Problem here.

Situation - MSE installation with all host 1.6.0p24
Every customer slave has his own LDAP connection to get the customer users for login in the slave and see his managed services.
This all works the users from the assigned LDAP connection and the global htpasswd users are synced correctly on the slave.

The LDAP users are login on the slave and create some bookmarks. Now if the assigned LDAP connection is modified all the synced users are deleted and recreated with empty user folder on the slave. That means all user settings are lost if someone touches the LDAP connection settings.
That’s very strange.

Anyone out there also had this behavior?

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Heh, a little late to the party but here I am! Exact same issue on CME 2.0.0p11.
I have to verify if it is only caused by changes to the LDAP configuration or with all changes.

@update: For me every Activate changes on that site dumps all the users.

Yes i had also discovered in the meantime that this happens every time the customer site gets an activation. Nice to hear that I’m not the only person with this problem.
I will change the title to bug :smiley:
For a big part this makes MSE really useless.

100% agreed. My colleagues supporting the customers in that sites are really not happy. I am careful with @-mentioning tribe employees here, but do you think we should do that for attention?

I was able to reproduce it. We are looking for a fix.

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For anyone wondering: We are still working on it. Keep an eye on the werks to be the first to know.