BUG: multiple notifications sent despite Parent set (target opsgenie)

Hi there,

CMK version: 2.1.0p12 official Checkmk docker image

I’ve set up Opsgenie integration, everything works fine, alerts are sent and created in Opsgenie.
I have location with 7 servers and those hosts have set “PARENT” - host called in checkmk with IP of gateway on switch and this host have only one check - ping. I’ve set up for this host “Host check command: Use the status of the service…, PING”. That works fine, If ping on this parent got no reply, host get status DOWN and all other 7 hosts get status UNREACHABLE. Until now it is all good.

Opsgenie user on checkmk side is configured to sent alerts for Any - > Crit and Any → Down.

Now, the location lost connectivity, it makes alert in Opsgenie for PARENT, which is OK.

But it also makes alert for every host that CheckMK service is CRIT


That is not good in my opinion. If PARENT is set up for host, then no alert should be created for any service under host.

Host check command for hosts is set up to PING, which at the time of PARENT outage, IP’s were not pingable at all.

Did you manage to get this working as intended? I am looking at a simular issue.