[Bug] Special Agent Proxmox_VE time data not like expected


today I experienced a bug with using the Special Agent for Proxmox-VE.
On of our Backups took 46h, after the backup was done the Agent wasn’t working anymore.
Starting the Agent from command line I could see the Error:

Unhandled exception: ValueError("time data '46:05:06' does not match format '%H:%M:%S'")

Which is obviously true because ‘%H’ expects a integer between 0…24 not 46.
I could help myself by manipulating the cached data on the checkmk host, so the date string matches a integer between 0…24.

Would be nice if someone could provide a ‘real’ fix. :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Oh boy,

46 hours for a backup? Might want to take a look at that, m8.

I agree that it would be best to work with unixtime there. Nice finding!

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You are right, we created a copy of a 10T disk and forgot to disable the backup function for this disk… :man_facepalming: :slightly_smiling_face: Obviously we changed this behavior right now.

Netherless I thought it will be worth it to ‘share’ my experience. :smiley:

Just opened an internal ticket for this. Don’t hold your breath, but keep an eye on the werks. :slight_smile:


Update: This behavior is fixed in Werk 13014. :tada:

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