Bulk Discovery not working on 1.6

I have installed the check_mk agent on a CentOS Linux host and on a Windows 2019 Server both on my VMWare cluster. I was able to manually find a Ubuntu host and a switch. I have been for ther last 2 hours trying to figure out why the bulk discovery feature will NOT find the hosts with the agent installed on it. I’m UBER frustrated at this point. Does this feature not work the way I thought (like Nagios Auto Discover)? Firewall is not up on the windows host and on the CentOS host I have configured firewallD to communicate on TCP port 6556. I can telnet from the check_mk instance to the hosts the agent is installed and I get output so clearly basic communication isnt impeded.

WTH. Can someone please help me understand what I’m doing wrong. After a week and half of trialing other products this seems almost good enough…but this bulk add feature is a deal breaker. I have over 100 Virtual servers I need to absorb in here. I plan to install the agent on the windows host via Desktop Central on the Linux hosts via Ansible so I’ll be able to get the client on the hoss fine.

How. Do. I. autodiscover all the hosts that have the agent installed (or SMNP enabled because at this point I doubt that will work either)?

the “Bulk discovery”-feature is for finding services of hosts, you’ve already created in CMK. There are two options to add a lot of hosts: “Bulk import” … if you have a CSV-file of your hosts and “Network scan”. The network scan is configured in the properties of a folder.




Bulk-Host-import works best via content of CSV


also it`s possible to made a automatic service discovery

Greets Bernd

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Thanks for info guys. I’m dumb. If i had asked before I wasted all this time I wouldnt have been so frustrated. That makes sense why it kept finding the hosts I already had in the monitoring. I’ll play with the network scan but worst case scenario doing it via CSV is not terrible…I’ll only have to do it once after we push the agent to all of the machines in our environment.

Don’t spend too much time trying to get all host attributes perfectly set up in the csv import; you can still do bulk edits later on.

And have a look at the folder properties. They allow you to define a hierarchy of attributes that get inherited by the subfolders and hosts inside. And you can still override some or all of them where needed.

And do turn on the on-screen help (the “stack of books” icon in the top right of most WATO pages) if you haven’t already.


you can search the host by folder property Network Scan. All Host with Agent will detected and as not monitored flagged. You can add a folder “Discovery” to find the hosts. After detecting, you can qualify and move the hosts.

Regards, Christian

Thanks for the suggestions . Testing automated deployment on Linux hosts and verifying what I need to do to capture those hosts in Check MK server.