Business Intelligence: Viewing service dependencies of a host


Currently, in the BI section, you can see which devices depend on a service. Example: The Email service depends on the LDAP host and DNS host.

  • Email Service:
    ** DNS host
    ** LDAP host

  • Web service
    ** DNS host
    ** Apache host

It would be great if you could also see which services depend on a host. Example: Email and Web service depend on the DNS host.

  • DNS host
    ** Email service
    ** Web service

Sorry for my English, it’s not very good.

Hi Gonzalo,

If you choose the action menu of a host and therein “BI aggregations containing this host”, you get shown the aggregates in question. Same applies to services.

Should be what you need, isn’t it?

Marsellus Wallace

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Wow, it’s fantastic. I didn’t know that option. It is all I need.

Thank you very much Marsellus Wallace