Call for Monitoring Superheros: Do a case study with us!

Dear Community

we know one thing from experience: Checkmk users have great stories to tell. We would like to amplify your stories, so that we can help other sysadmins, who are currently facing the similar challenges you have had before.

For us it is a mean to raise awareness in the monitoring world as well as nurturing the knowledge-sharing culture within our community. We have seen how our community members have been sharing invaluable knowledge with each other here on the forum.

Now, we think it would be helpful if we can have a higher-level perspective of it, in a form of a case study. It will be similar to the Checkmk user talks in the conference, but in a text format that is more accessible to everyone.

If you are interested, there is actually only one hard requirement. Such a case study typically has to be approved by your organization, for instance by your marketing team, as we want to explicitly name your employer in there. So, you would help us to guide the case study through the internal approval process in your organization.

Other than these, you are in liberty to decide the amount of information that you would like to share. The approach to get a case study done is pretty simple: Get in touch with me either via a PM or email me (, tell us your story, and we’ll write a draft. Then, you decide on the next steps — and nothing gets published until you give us the go.

We hope you can be one of our IT superheroes and share with us your story!