Cannot access enterprise package to upgrade

How am I suppose to upgrade from the free to the enterprise version if the enterprise version package is locked behind a login/password?

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Did you or your company bought the Checkmk Enterprise? If you have an active Subscription you get the needed credentials for the download.
Did you bought Checkmk from a official Checkmk partner? If so you can get in contact with them to get your username and password.


I thought it was free for less than 25 hosts?

There are multiple Checkmk editions. Currently there is RAW, Free, Enterprise and Managed Service. You can read more about the editions and versions here:

The Checkmk Free Edition is the Enterprise Edition with some Limitations. You can use the trial period to fully test the Enterprise Features without limits. After the trial period it will be limited to 25 Hosts.

Here is it from the FAQ:

Frequently asked questions

What happens once the trial period expires?

Your trial version will revert to limited functionality. You’ll be able to monitor a maximum of 25 hosts, and distributed monitoring won’t be available.

Here you can find the FAQ: Checkmk Enterprise Edition Trial | Checkmk

Hope this helps.


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You didn’t answer the question, how do I download the enterprise version to upgrade to? The urls indicate a login and password is required for enterprise.

Hello @Sharpy
first of all I would like to suggest that you read the community guidelines. FAQ - Checkmk Community
This is a free community forum. Please keep this in mind.

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You can’t download the Enterprise Version unless you bought the product. After the purchase you will get login details for the Enterprise Download URLs. If you have an active subscription and you don’t remember your login credentials please open a support ticket at Checkmk or your Checkmk Partner.

If you don’t have an active subscription then you can’t download nor upgrade to the full enterprise version. If you want to test the Enterprise Version you can download the Free / Trial from the download page → Download Checkmk for free | Checkmk


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You cant, As others have recommended you to READ the material.
Also I will as well remind you to be kind here

If I come across as unkind, please accept my appology…I have read the documentation and gone through installing the product more than once.

However it’s quite frustrating to go thru all the effort to research and install a product that touts a free enterprise version for up to 25 hosts and an ability to update from the community to enterprise version easily. Then to only find out this is untrue, regardless of what is shown on the website.

So this is pricing information shown of a free enterprise version for less than 25 hosts is inaccurate?

25 hosts are free. To download you have to enter your email and then you’ll receive the download link by mail. With version 2.2.0 there will be slight changes in licensing. Effectively instead of 25 hosts 750 services will be free.

I’m sorry but, either your being intentionally deceitful for those who read this message in the future or your unaware how Download Checkmk for free | Checkmk works.

On Download Checkmk for free | Checkmk if you select “Enterprise” the URLs indicate a password is needed.

If I enter my email, it send me a link to the free edition. There is no way to download a trial enterprise version.

I understand this might be confusing.

There is the “Enterprise Free Edition (CFE)” which is similar to Enterprise Standard, but limited to 25 hosts in monitoring and no distributed monitoring. This uses the proprietary Checkmk Micro Core. So you may want to call it “free as in free beer”. Than there is the “Raw Edition (CRE)” which uses the less efficient open source Nagios core. This can be used without limitations. It is “free as in free speech”.


Dear @Sharpy,

Please try to avoid calling people deceitful: everyone in this forum only want to help, and they do not profit from it. The main reward community members receive for their help is gratitude and the spirit of helpful and supporting community.
Let us try to be stay supportive

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