Can't discover cisco services (Raw Edition 1.5.0p11)


I work with the check mk Raw Edition 1.5.0p11, we have around 800 host of wich 240 are Cisco IE3000 and 3650 switch, router ASR920 and ASA5525, we are monitoring basicaly interfaces and power supply, recently we have the problem that we can’t discover the service of a new host, in the test we get responde snmp but I can’t see the services. And for example if i delete a host that is being monitored (interfaces and power supply), then when i try to create again the same host that was created and running, the check won’t be able to discover the services of that host.

Please if somebody knows something about this situation, i would be gratefull if you can help me to solve this problem.


First step for troubleshooting.
On the command line as site user do a “cmk --debug -vvI hostname” for one of the problem hosts.
The output is relevant also if the command completes without error.

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Hi Andreas, Thanks for your comment. I did the command and i got this:

OMD[SITENAME]:~$ cmk --debug -vv HOSTNAME
[cpu_tracking] Start with phase ‘busy’
Check_MK version 1.5.0p11

    [cpu_tracking] Push phase ‘snmp’ (Stack: [‘busy’])
    [snmp] No persisted sections loaded
    [snmp] Not using cache (Does not exist)
    [snmp] Execute data source
    [snmp] Write data to cache file /omd/sites/SITENAME/tmp/check_mk/data_source_cache/snmp/HOSTNAME
    [cpu_tracking] Pop phase ‘snmp’ (Stack: [‘busy’, ‘snmp’])
    [cpu_tracking] Push phase ‘agent’ (Stack: [‘busy’])
    [piggyback] No persisted sections loaded
    [piggyback] Execute data source
    [cpu_tracking] Pop phase ‘agent’ (Stack: [‘busy’, ‘agent’])
    [cpu_tracking] End
    OK - [snmp] Success, execution time 0.0 sec | execution_time=0.007 user_time=0.010 system_time=0.000 children_user_time=0.000 children_system_time=0.000 cmk_time_snmp=-0.007 cmk_time_agent=0.000

Do you know what does it mean?


Oh there is a missing capital “I” -->

should be

cmk --debug -vvI HOSTNAME

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Thanks a lot. We did cmk --debug -vvI HOSTNAME , and help us to know where was the problem. A few weeks ago we did a test with a scripts for a wind power equipment, and we put it in the directory where is all the check MK plugins. We didn’t remember that and in the output of the command showed up and error about the name of this script that we were testing …we erase the script from there and the problem was solved. Thank you very much!!!