Centralised notifications

I have an environment with RAW 1.2.8p14 Checkmk secondary servers running on Ubuntu, and want to use distributed monitoring to connect to our primary running on 1.6.0p10 Enterprise version, RHEL.

Will this support centralized notification - only primary can send out notifications, so other secondary servers will send notification using spooler to primary server.

Also, can this be done without centralized configuration as I don’t want the configs to be messed up

Hi axs819,

this is possible. Please take a look at the manual: https://checkmk.com/cms_distributed_monitoring.html#Centralised%20notifications

Thanks, according to the link -

The Checkmk Enterprise Editions provide a built-in mechanism for centralised notifications which can be individually activated for each slave instance. Such slaves then route all notifications to the master for further processing.

But our slaves are on RAW Edition


For the RAW Edition there is no built-in. You need to transfer the notifications to the master.

Maybe someone has more experience in doing this.

Hi @axs819,

as this is an enterprise feature that can save you a lot of time and money regarding custom scripting i think @athomaidis is correct. Either you upgrade the slaves to an enterprise version to leverage the potential of that platform or you have to script your way around.

From my standpoint, in the long run, you will save time if you migrate to Enterprise - The financial footprint is good in my opinion…

Anyway - maybe someone else has an idea on how you can achieve your goal with that combination.