Check for AKCP SPX+ with Termal Map sensors

I am looking for a check to monitor by SPX+ AKCP Sensors.
I have already runnign securityprobe AKCP´s and they are running fine but for the SPX+ it does not seem to work.
Maybe anyone has experience with this kind of AKCP or already has written a check or plugin?

thanks in advance for any tipps :slight_smile:

Hi Hanni,

not sure if the SPX+ has yet another SNMP MIB but maybe the AKCP SP2+ Sensors from Checkmk Exchange work?


Hi gstolz,
thanks for your answer.
I tried it with this one and after editing the device I get some data but I only Temperatur and Humidity.
so I tried to edit it with the MIB file and additional sensors but I´ve never done this before and it does not seem to work, but i will keep trying :slight_smile:

Hi Hanni,

Writing your own check plug-ins has become a pretty good guide. If you get stuck somewhere, feel free to share your process + questions. And potentially an snmpwalk from “cmk --snmpwalk <akcp_spx_device_name>” which will be located in ~/var/check_mk/snmpwalks/<akcp_spx_device_name>


Can you try this:
Because of privacy concerns I had to remove the code.


thank you so much mike!
Now I can see all my sensors.

thanks you are the hero of my day :slight_smile:

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Nice! Thanks Michael. Would you or Guillaume upload it to the exchange as well so others can find it :)?

Basically the code is intellectual property of Forvia.
We are asking our management since years for permission to share our code on Nagios or CheckMK Exchange without getting any answer. It was already a risk to share it here in this post that´s way I removed the link . I will discuss with my colleagues our options.