Check HTTP Service

i am trying to create a http healthcheck with method POST. it is successful but i still want to add json body content to the http check but i cant see any option to add it.
am i missing something?

If you configure the “Check HTTP service” there is the option “Send HTTP POST data” and inside “HTTP POST data”. Here you can insert the data you want to send. The correct content type should also be set here.

i tried it and it returns 200OK but i need to specify also a string from the http response to filter as critical or ok, i tried putting it in these:
String to expect in response headers
Strings to expect in server response
Fixed string to expect in the content
but i didnt get the output

If I understand you correctly you are trying to validate the response content with a certain String.

If that is the case I had a similar Issue some days ago, when the status was 200 and the expected content was returned but checkmk did put it to Critical because it was not able to validate the String Gitlab OK.

When I left out the whitespace and only checkd OK the check did green up … guess the validation is broken somehow.

Hope it helps.

Thank you, i am trying to send 2 different json data in the body both should return 200OK but one of them returns string “success” in the response and the other return failed but both with 200 OK