Check_MK CMDB Creation?

Hello Everyone,

I have a question about CMK on RAW version, it is possible to extract a DB or something like that, with the devices that i am monitoring and all the configuration, like IPs or tags?

Thank you.

You can use the Multisite-API to query any view and get CSV or JSON data from it. This includes views with HW/SW-Inventory data and views that you created yourself.

The Multisite-API works by using the URL with output_format=json and _username=XXX plus _secret=YYY URL parameters. Basically the URL you get from the Export menu.

Hi Gustavo,

as r.sander said, Checkmk has no database, but you can create a view with the fields you want and then export it to JSON or CSV with the URL it generates. I for example do periodic checks that our CMDB has the same elements and configurations (ip, alias, device type…) as the Checkmk, and if at any time there is any difference it sends us a notification.

On the other hand, it would be great to create a Checkmk branch to advance in the CMDB field.