Check_mk_emcunity - create new WATO rule not found


it says:
Create a new WATO rule “Datasource Programs - Check state of EMC Unity storage systems”

maybe we are blind but we don’t find this option on our version of checkMK 2.0.0p23, is this maybe somehow renamed or moved behind another link?
we are able todo a “Rule Search” but not creating a new “WATO rule”.

thank you in advance



Hi @zid-server-uak welcome to the checkmk community.

From the github readme:

The latest version of the cmk package does not work with cmk versions < 1.6.0.

Hello Tosch,

thank you for your response.

we found a newer version from a different github developer for this check_mk_emcunity plugin.

is this version compatible with checkMK 2.0 or higher?




@andreas-doehler you may be the best person to answer this question.

@zid-server-uak from a quick check of the i can say, it’s just a clone of the original one with some fixes.

I will try :wink:
Version 3.2 from my github is the same version as from the original github of “ImTHeLucKyOne”.
In his repo you need to have the 2.0 branch active.

My last fixes i submitted are exactly for the 2.0 compatibility. I cannot say anything about 2.1 as there are some small changes between 2.0 and 2.1 also for the plugins.

3.2 should work with 2.0. If there is a problem please sent my the crash report and agent output as PM.