[Check_mk (english)] Registering/Discovering services via SNMP


I am new to check_mk and trying to configure devices for monitoring and quite a beginner as we have used Solarwinds (minimal knowledge) in the past. Previously in a device that we are monitoring from Solarwinds, we can see the active tunnel count via poller panGPGWUtilizationActive Tunnels (counts the number of tunnel users). I have added the devices for monitoring and the services has been already registered. but it seems the data from that specific poller/service (panGPGWUtilizationActive) is not being discovered in check_mk. I am monitoring the device via SNMP, tried using the Full Scan and the service Palo Alto Session is there but the metrics/information that I need is not there (which I think that the information I need is a different type of service/check).

  • Is there a way I can register the service I need also via SNMP?
  • Can a manual check be created and add it to be monitored in the service?

I’m have a minimal knowledge with SNMP so kindly bear with me. Appreciate your feedbacks and responses. Thank you.


Hi @ryan.mangampo,
if you have minimal knowledge about checkmk and SNMP, please ask a partner to implement an SNMP check plugin for you: https://checkmk.com/find-a-partner.html

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Hi Ryan,

Even with minimal knowledge if you can spent some time on it, give this a try, you can develop new checks to monitor things that don’t come out of the box:


Edit : @r.sander I understand that being a Checkmk partner you want to promote that, but since this is a community and you have knowledge about documentation try to provide some info also :slight_smile: Don’t take me wrong plz.

Hi @tavanez,

I usually promote the documentation but in this case it seems easier for @ryan.mangampo to ask a partner.

Hi @tavanez,

Thank you for that link will check and try to understand it first before I find a partner.

HI @r.sander,

Thank you for the suggested method, will check that later after I read the link @tavanez provided.

Thanks guys!

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