Check_MK failed to login via LDAP after updated to v2.0.0p12

I have updated my Check_MK to v2.0.0.0p12. Almost everything is working fine except the LDAP login. I am getting the message repeately:

[Wed Oct 13 15:45:16.747766 2021] [wsgi:error] [pid 367] [client] WARNING: yacc table file version is out of date, referer: http://myserver/sitename/check_mk/

Google said that it is related with pycparser package. However, after I uninstall and reinstall the package, the problem is still there.

It would be appreciated if you could help me fix the problem.
Thanks and regards,

I have found issues. It is because of that some of the LDAP servers are not responsing and timeout the whole process.
Please close the case.

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