Check_MK internals - is executed any .mk file in etc/check_mk/multisite.d/wato?


I have some problems in Business Intelligence (I see an aggregation which cannot be found in the BI WATO) and I have realized that my team mates copied a file into etc/check_mk/multisite.d/wato subdirectory. That file has a BI format file and contains the aggregation I cannot see in the WATO.

I suspect Check_MK loads and executes any .mk file in that directory and that’s the why that aggregation is shown but instead, BI WATO works only on the true file.

Might that be true?

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I reply myself.

Yes, that additional file is used when CMC is reloaded (cmk -O).

I renamed as but the aggregation was still displayed.
Then I reloaded the monitoring core (CMC in my site) by using cmk -O and the aggregation is not longer displayed.

It is a little bit strange. BI has nothing to do with the monitoring core only the web server.
Reload/restart of Apache should also do it.


I think you, Andreas, can answer my following question:

When two .mk files contain different values for the same BI pack name, which one would be truly displayed?
In order words, what order are those files executed in? lexicographically?

Thank in advance