Check MK not sending Notifications

Good morning everyone.

I have a check_mk server (1.6.0p9) monitoring several machines and I have tried to set up notifications by email with no success. I do receive fallback notifications but I do not get the notifications I want. I have followed the “Notifications” setup page.

I am sharing images with the propreties of the rules.

No crits are sent to my email. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

you did not enable the states for Service notifications. You need to have OK > WArn, OK > Crit and so on.


Thank you for the quick replay, I have selected Ok > Crit and so on and I am still not getting the notifications.

Please check with the analyse function why your rule is not matching.


I have been using the analyze funtion to sort what was happening, the rule has been matched.

I ended up changing the format from HTML email to ascii email and it appears everything is sorted and fixed now.

Thank for your help and advice.