Check_mk notification overwrite configuration

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We are trying to integrate with check_mk portal with opsgenie. The opsgenie provided the plugin need to maintain in check_mk to forward all the check_mk alert.

Reference link:-

We are maintain the opsgenie plugin inside of this directory /omd/sites/[site name]/local/share/check_mk/notifications.

Based on our environment, we have applied some custom changes the opsgenie plugin. These files are overwrite with defaul value.

When we checking opsgenie team, they said opsgenie will not overwrite any existing file.

is that check_mk application will overwrite the configuration /omd/sites/[site name]/local/share/check_mk/notifications ?

What do you mean directly? All files put inside the “~/local/” folder structure is save for updates.

Thanks Andreas for the response.

We have copied the opsgenie plugin content from the reference link and created the empty (opsgenie) file in the /omd/sites/linux/local/share/check_mk/notifications. Through vim updated the content in this (opsgenie) file. This plugin is not working as expected. Based on our investigation, Hence we have added customize entries in this file. The entire file was replaced with default configuration.

Kantharaj Murugan

Do you use a distributed setup? Was you change made on a slave server?
If yes then you need to make your changes on the master server and it will then be pushed to the slaves.

Hi Andreas,

We are running with standalone model.

Kantharaj Murugan

Then some one must overwrite manually or with a script your changes.
The monitoring system by itself will not change anything inside the “~/local/” folders.

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