Check_MK Replay notifications as I wish

Hello Guys ,

I’ m developing my custom notification scripts in python on check_mk now.

As the doc says , we have just to put our scripts inside local/share/check_mk/notifications and make them executable.

As I understand check_mk , We can trigger notification only when a service change a state ( ok > crit , cirt --> ok , …etc ) , whatever notification method I use ( email , jira , slack , custom …)

Imagine that the service on the host stays in CRIT state during a certain amount of time ( 30 min , 1h ) but we can’ t resend notification because the service is staying on the same state

Want I want is a way to customize the notification , so I replay as I wish for the services who are staying on the same state , any idea ?

Kr ,


do you know the rules “Periodic notifications during host problems” and “Periodic notifications during service problems”?



Hello ,

Thank you , it is the features that I need

Kr ,