Check_MK SMTP Postix MFA

CMK version: 2.0
OS version: Centos7

Does anyone know how can i make some configuration on Postfix to use an office365 account for the MFA?


The problem is that this account use MFA, and when i see the logs the problem is the method authentication.

Does anyone know how can i use an account 365 with MFA using postfix?

I just searched for “postfix office 365 mfa” and this was the first result:

It does not talk about MFA specifically but shows how to enable a connector within Office 365 to be used by Postfix.

Hi @r.sander,

Thank you for the information, and yes, these are the possible steps to make this configuration, but the problem is when the account use MFA, you can create the configuration with this kind of accounts, but when you server try to send something, on the logs, you are going to see the error, related to the authentication